“Double Take”

Woke up this morning to learn my mom had passed away

Went to bed wondering if everything was gonna be ok

Woke up the next morning bought a ticket for a flight

Sitting in the terminal thinking this can’t be right

She wasn’t old in terms of a…

“Death Bed”

Laying on my bed watching a photo

Of you laying in a hospital bed

Your stroke ridden body

Medical devices wrapped around your head

What are you thinking or dreaming

Are you happy?

And what am I thinking am I crazy?

It’s hard to imagine a woman with…

My desert journey

Something weird happened to me this weekend
Once again I was placed in handcuffs
But this time they didn’t offer me 60 years in prison
Instead they stuck me in a mental health institution

Staff was really nice, let them do their thing
Told them they need to have me out…


Its raining feelings

If reincarnated, I wanna come back as a man

Rain, lightning and thunder in the background clangs

You’re so unemotional robotic dead inside

True emotions suppressed down the drain they glide

Staring off in the distance raindrops the main focus

Relationship miles away from the original love…

I’m tired

I’m tired of comparing my truths to the highlight reels of your life
I’m tired of curbing my language being politically correct has become so rife
If my language and mannerisms ruffle your feathers
Maybe your chicken little ass and I don’t need to be in the same room together
I’m tired of people…

“This can’t be life”

What actually goes on in the mind of our youths

Saddened broken feelings of destitute

Peering out the window of the homes they live

Mental abuse drug use sins the community won’t forgive

The awakening is real as he comes to understand the ordeal

That the story of his life…

To tell you the truth

Soul where art thou
Can’t seem to find you somehow
I search the depths of my heart
Something menacing tore us apart
Unsure of how this occurred
Recollection of details blurred
I need to find you now
But just don’t know-how

What will I do without you here
Who’s going to…


“I am truly dysfunctional”

When we first met

I had a spark

A spark that the whole world could see

But the more time we spent together

The more my flame began to flicker

It wasn’t long before my wick became dry

And my fire was no more

The room…

I am me

To my heirs, I leave thoughts, feelings and cares

To the world, I leave a time capsule of culture, words and fears

To my fellow writers, I leave a construct, framework, template

To follow if you dare

To the readers, notice I didn’t say “my”

But take notice I didn’t…

Eddie Heath

Amateur writer, investor, realtor

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